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The Sputnik Gang tells their story on the WEWS TV-5 Program:

"Inside The Catholic Schools"

Sunday, December 1, 1957 -- 1:45-2:00 pm
-- the "literal 15-minutes of fame"! --
Another title for this might be "Bad Pictures, Good memories!"    By today's standards, television was still in the dark ages.   Most houses had only one television set, and everything, including the equipment at the TV stations, was still limited to vacuum-tube technology.    These images, which were photographed off a home TV in 1957, have been digitally reprocessed, and in many ways appear better here than those actually viewed back then!

-- Our thanks to WEWS-TV5, "first in Cleveland" --for allowing us to display these pictures.

Bob Leskovec, Introduction

Bob Leskovec, starts the show
with a brief summary of the
Sputnik tracking adventure.

Joe Marsey talks about recording
the Sputnik "beeps" while playing
them back from the Concertone
onto the display oscilloscope.

Joe Marsey demonstrates the Sputnik

(At this point during the presentation, WEWS cut to a movie, filmed on location at the school radio club, showing the students working with the equipment, performing the tracking, and recording the data.    Then the live show resumed with Mike and the students explaining the details.)

Moderator, Mike Stimac

Moderator Mike Stimac explains
that the boys started plotting
the orbits on an earth globe.

Dave Mazi shows how the
paper strips allowed them
to start predicting the next
pass of the Sputnik satellite.

Dave Mazi, Sputnik Orbit Sphere

Dennis Skala with Orbitometer

Dennis Skala explains the Orbitometer,
a circular slide rule, which the boys
devised to predict orbits.

Mike Stimac and Ed Miller explain
how the orbit prediction resulted in
determining exactly when the radio
signals would begin to be heard again.

Mike Stimac and Ed Miller

Ed Miller

Ed Miller demonstrates how the radio
signals could actually be heard
before the satellite could be seen
coming over the horizon.

The group sits for the final
wide shot as the program ends.

Sputnik Group at Table
All photos on this page by John J. Leskovec

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